Director navigator caretaker coach interpreter or nurturer

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B. Images of Change Management (Palmer)

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Managing Change

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MGT 426 Week 2 Roles of Management and Individuals

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Footnotes may be made to the beginning by signing the online guestbook at www. Wallace Niccolls Phyllis J. The six images of change managers are that of Director, Coach, Navigator, Interpreter, Caretaker, Nurturer with Director, Navigator & caretaker have controlling roles whereas coach, interpreter & Nurturer have Shaping capabilities.

Images of weight for change How does a: Director Navigator Caretaker Coach Interpreter Nurturer comprehend why associations need to change? Slide 4. External, ecological weights. Slide 5.

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External, natural weights. Slide 6. Internal hierarchical weights. Slide 7. Internal authoritative weights. Caretaker Focus is on letting people know about the “why” of change, that is, the inevitability of the changes and how best to cope or survive them.

“Identify and reply” (reactive) communication strategy is used.

Change Management

Coach Focus is on ensuring people share similar values and are aware of what actions are appropriate to these values. Director, Navigator, Caretaker, Coach, Interpreter, and Nurturer are six contrasting images of managing change.

The following manager “image” of change would most likely be

Each of these six images relies on whether deliberate outcomes of change can be achieved and this depends. Slide 1Managing Organizational Change Chapter 2 Images of Managing Change Slide 2 Images of Organizations Affect our interpretations of what we think is going on What we.

-(image of management)-focuses more on participative management where people are involved in decisions as they have an understanding of the way things can be improved -> being closer to the action there is a better understanding of the way things operate.

Director navigator caretaker coach interpreter or nurturer
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