Preventing falls

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Preventing falls

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Preventing falls

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If you do fall, you can try to prevent breaking a bone. Try to fall forwards or backwards (on your buttocks), because if you fall to the side you may break your hip. You can also use your hands or grab things around you to break a fall.

Falls are a threat to the health of older adults and can reduce their ability to remain independent. However, falls aren’t something that just happens when you age, there are proven ways to reduce falls.

Get tips and resources on falls prevention, balance programs and learn about Falls Prevention Awareness Day. NCOA’s National Falls Prevention Resource Center supports the implementation of evidence-based falls prevention programs and serves as a national clearinghouse of tools and best practices.

Preventing Falls: Tips for Older. A CHECKLIST FOR PREVENTING FALLS IN YOUR HOME Stairways 3 Make sure all handrails are not broken and are securely fastened. 3 Both sides of the steps should have handrails. Floors and rugs 3 Make sure all floor boards are even and rugs, including area rugs, are secured to the floor with tacks, non-skid pads or double-sided tape.

3 Use. Nov 13,  · Falls can happen anytime and anywhere to people of any age. However, as people get older, the number of falls and the severity of injury resulting from falls increases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are.

Important Facts about Falls

Prevent Falls and Fractures A simple thing can change your life—like tripping on a rug or slipping on a wet floor. If you fall, you could break a bone, like thousands of older men and women do each year.

Preventing falls
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