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How does Psychosynthesis therapy work?

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The Psychosynthesis & Education Trust Counselling Service April – February (1 year 11 months) Offering long and short term counselling to Title: Psychosynthesis Therapist. + Psychosynthesis & Education Trust Updated on Nov 6, At the Psychosynthesis Trust we offer a counselling and psychotherapy service, as well as a low cost clinic for those on lower incomes.

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You might be feeling stuck, lonely or lost. Maybe you are struggling with an aspect of your life, wanting change or. The Institute of Psychosynthesis N.Z. offers courses and workshops, counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples, and a professional training programme for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Specialties: The Trust Counselling & Psychotherapy Service is a private practice offering you a safe, comfortable and confidential setting to explore personal difficulties with a professionally trained and fully accredited psychotherapist.

I use Location: 8 Tyrconnell Road Inchicore Dublin 8 Republic of Ireland. How does Psychosynthesis therapy work? Near the very beginning of his main book on the subject, Assagioli asserts that the primary aim of psychosynthesis psychotherapy is ‘The conscious and planned reconstruction or re-creation of the personality, through the cooperation and interplay of patient and therapist.’.

Psychosynthesis education trust counselling service
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