Super resolution image reconstruction

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Super resolution reconstruction of medical image based on adaptive quad-tree decomposition

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There have been other useful attempts to SR imaging [39], [40]. Super-resolution (SR) reconstruction is an attractive and promising method in digital image processing that aims at producing a detailed and spatial resolution-enhanced image from one or more low-resolution (LR) images [1,2].

Depending on the number of LR images involved, the SR method can involve multi-frame or single-frame SR reconstruction [3].

Super-resolution imaging

Super-resolution reconstruction (SRR) is the process of producing a high-resolution (HR) image from a sequence of low- resolution (LR) images, where each LR image transforms and samples the HR scene in a distinct fashion, see Fig. 1. Super-resolution and reconstruction of sparse images carried by incoherent light (OL) Super-resolution and reconstruction of sparse sub-wavelength images: erratum (OE) Superresolved labeling nanoscopy based on temporally flickering nanoparticles and the K-factor image.

Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Thermal Infrared Im-ages ANTIGONI PANAGIOTOPOULOU, VASSILIS ANASTASSOPOULOS thermal infrared image is created through super-resolution image reconstruction.

Super-resolution image reconstruction is a numerically ill-posed problem. A kind of.

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high resolution images produced by the system will be used by automated image analysis systems, so the measure of performance is the information captured in the reconstruction.

In this paper, we present a novel three-dimensional (3D) super resolution reconstruction technique by integral imaging to reconstruct a high-resolution 3D image directly from a series of low-resolution perspective projections of a 3D scene.

Super resolution image reconstruction
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