Values mision vision

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Mission, Vision, Values

Your mission, vision and values can sound abstract, esoteric, and downright fluffy to a lot of people, especially those who are burning to move forward with a real-world project.

These people don’t want to hang back conceptualizing about people’s wishes and dreams. The Difference Between Core Values, Mission & Vision Statements, and Goals December 11, - 6 minute read - Posted by Guest Author In a previous blog I discussed how a lot of companies confuse goals with core values.

These statements of your Vision, your Mission and your Values can define and guide your organization's ability to create the future of your community! Vision vs. Mission We can't really begin the discussion of the Vision Statement and the Mission Statement without first.

Mission, Vision, Values.

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At Halliburton, we collaborate and engineer solutions to maximize asset value for our customers. Our mission as a company identifies what we do today, why we do it and for whom while our vision defines what we aspire to be and gives us an image of what success will look like.

Our Cultural Values define who we are, what we stand for, and what we aspire to be. They run deeply through the organization, guiding our internal and external behaviors.

They bind our colleagues together, across every level of business, in passionate pursuit of our company's mission. The Hawaii Pacific University mission, vision, and values are to prepare its graduates to be active members of a global society, to be the leader in innovative higher education, and to embrace the Hawaiian values of aloha, pono, and kuleana.

Values mision vision
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